Philippine Booth

She’s BACK…Teri Harrington will be leading her Philippine food team again this year! Many of you may remember Teri and her husband, “Big Terry”– they were very active in our parish until moving to Sommerville, South Carolina a few years back. While visiting in April, they were so excited to hear about the return of our festival that it was decided she would come back and lead the Filipino food team! This is great news for all those eggroll fans!

Teri learned to cook as a child growing up in the Philippines. Thirty five years ago she married her husband Terry and left her country to live in the United States. Though she learned to cook many American dishes, she still enjoyed preparing the foods from her native country. However, Teri says the eggrolls, her “signature dish”, are not part of the typical Filipino diet—the average person can’t afford to buy all the ingredients, so these are usually just made for weddings or other special gatherings. Thankfully Teri thinks the International Food Festival rates as a “special occasion!”

Two weeks before this years’ festival, Teri plans to visit Clayton and hold her traditional “eggrolling” event. With a dozen or so of her loyal helpers, they’ll work all day to prepare those delicious eggrolls. What’s in them? Teri starts with ground beef and ground pork, adds carrots, potatoes, onions and eggs, then finishes off the dish by adding seasonings and soy sauce. Sound good? Add some BBQ Pork on a Stick and some rice, and the Philippine booth will be ready to serve you at the 2016 International Food Festival.!


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