Thailand Booth

Bennie Voyle  is a parishioner who loves to share the culture and food of her native Thailand.  She and longtime friend Brandi Appell have led the Thailand team since the first  International Food Festival.  While Bennie is enjoying a visit with her family in Thailand this summer, Brandi and daughters Cori, 12 and Hayli, 14, spoke to us about how excited they are to do the festival again!  This family knows a little bit about good food– while Brandi and the girls enjoy cooking for the Thai booth, husband Chris is a chef with Sysco Foods and donates a home cooked gourmet dinner each year to our Silent Auction!

So what’s on the menu?  Brandi says they’re sticking to the traditional favorites– the Thai Basil Beef (Pad Kra Proa) is back!  This is paired with Kanom Bung Nah Moo, a baguette bread with meat mixture, and a refreshing cucumber salad.  The combination makes  the Thai booth one of our favorite stops!

We wish Bennie, husband Drew and children B and JJ safe travels this summer!

Cori, Brandi and Hayli Appell

Cori, Brandi and Hayli Appell

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