Ireland Booth

“When Irish eyes are smiling, they’re usually up to something!”  Luckily for the food festival,  Colleen “O’Connor” Doig is up to something…preparing to bring back the Irish booth!  After taking a year off to help husband John lead the Germany booth, Colleen has decided get the Irish team back together.  She has a group of loyal “Irish cooks” who helped with the first 6 years of the festival– and she welcomes any  parishioners who would like to join in the fun!

Both of Colleen’s grandparents came from Ireland and she has cousins and aunts still living there.   You may even get her to speak a few Irish words, which she learned while growing up in Pittsburgh, PA.   Colleen learned her cooking skills from her mom, who learned from her grandmother.

So what’s cooking this year?  Colleen will offer the traditional Sheppard’s Pie, a meat and veggie dish covered  with mashed potatoes.  She tells us that Irish food has the reputation of being “bland”, but her recipe is quite tasty!  The main dish will be accompanied by a side of delicious Irish Soda Bread.   Please stop by at the festival and enjoy some of this wonderful Irish comfort food!

Colleen, in green, with husband and members of the food team.

Colleen, in green, with husband and members of the food team.

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