Lebanon Booth

Many residents of Johnston County enjoy visiting Smith’s Farm and Nursery, a popular destination for getting fresh fruits and vegetables. Myron Smith grew up on the family farm, and wife Sarah moved from Wilson to join her husband 32 years ago. When Sarah isn’t out working on the farm, you may find her in the kitchen making her family’s favorite dish, Kibby.

Sarah is proud of her ancestry–her father’s parents came to the United States from Lebanon. This is the second year for the Lebanese booth at the festival. She and Myron, sons Chris and Mitch, along with daughter Farris and daughter-in-law Arlene, are happy to share this wonderful food with our festival goers. They are grateful to also have the help of the Blaser family, parishioners of St. Ann.

Sarah tells us she has made Kibby for years. This popular Lebanese dish is prepared with ground beef, onions, cracked wheat and pine nuts. Added to the plate is some homemade hummus with bread to round out the meal. Not only is this a healthy dish, but delicious!


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