China Booth

If you love going out for Chinese food, you won’t have to go far this year…the International Food Festival is happy to welcome our new Chinese team! Xiaoxia Champon, a new parishioner, is excited to share the food of her country with us!

Xiaoxia was born in China and lived there for 25 years. She recently moved to the area and is a math teacher at Clayton High School. She and her husband Robert are proud parents of one year old son, Alex. Xiaoxia’s mother, Qing Vhang, moved from China last year to help take care of the baby. And, lucky for us, she is a “wonderful cook!”

Xiaoxia tells us her mother will be preparing traditional, authentic Chinese food– everything is homemade. On the menu is fried noodles with mushrooms, green pepper and chili pepper. They will also offer mapo tofu and a porridge for sides. Each plate will come with the fried noodles, and you’ll have the choice of the tofu or porridge to accompany the meal.

Several of the volunteers at the booth are friends also from China. We welcome them all and look forward to this great new addition to our festival!


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