Colombia Booth

Our International Food Festival is very happy to welcome another new food booth–Belisario Rengifo and his wife Clara Duque will lead the Colombia team! The couple, along with their 15 year old daughter Catalina and 19 year old son Esteban, came from Colombia 2 years ago. They are devout Catholics and are glad to be active members of St. Ann Parish. The whole family is looking forward to sharing their favorite food on the day of the festival.

The recipe for the Empanadas Colombianas came from Clara’s mother. This delicious dish is served with a “not so spicy” guacamole. The family will be busy the week before the festival making the empanadas, which will be frozen ahead of time and ready to fry the day of the festival. (Belasario and Clara shared their empanadas at a food team meeting and received many wonderful compliments… you won’t want to miss this wonderful dish!)



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