Greece Booth

Deb and Will Sanders, along with Nancy and Pete Esposito, lead the Greek food team. Is it their ties to family back in Greece that brought these 2 families together? Nope! There were enough volunteers in the Polish booth the first year, so they decided to help out the Greek people…and they’ve been “Greek” every year since!

Deb Sanders moved to this area back in 1975, and her husband Will is born and raised here–in fact, years ago the Catholic Church use to meet at his grandma’s house near where he lives! The Espositos, like many of our parishioners, are transplants from New Jersey who moved here shortly before the festival started.

We’re told the original Greek leaders were Joe and Karen Marcott, who transferred out of the area after the first festival. They were in the food service industry and taught the current leaders how to make the massive quantities of gyros that are sold each year. The Sanders and Esposito families enjoyed it so much they’ve continued the tradition. Tony and Helene Tomargo have joined in among others, and many friendships have resulted in the past years.

The menu is the same as always, Gyros and Greek Salad. So, what is the proper pronunciation of “gyros”? Deb says they hear it said a lots of different ways, (like GUY-rows) but the correct way is “YEE-rohs”, with a roll of the tongue! No matter how you say it, they are worth the long wait in line!


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