Haiti Booth

Lauretta Maignan-Gibson is happy to be back for her third year at the festival representing Haiti. Though she has lived in the US since she was 2, she feels a strong attachment to her native country. Lauretta, husband Herman and children Emmanuel, Brendon and Christina still practice many of the country’s traditions, and they go back often to visit family. She is fortunate to have a good team of parishioners volunteering, including Kette and Phil Roche, also natives of Haiti.

Lauretta loves to cook, and this year will be serving “Poulet Rot. et Diri Jon Jon” (a mouthful!), stewed chicken with the traditional Haitian black rice infused with mushroom. They will also offer “Griot and Diri Cole”, which is pork served with traditional brown rice and beans. She says these dishes are often served at galas, religious events and family gatherings that involve music and dancing! A perfect choice for an International Food Festival celebration!


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