Jamaica Booth

There are those people that like to cook, and there are those that LOVE it! Lynne Bigness will tell you that cooking IS her life…you can hear the passion in her voice when she talks about food. Growing up on a farm in Northern New York, Lynne spent lots of time helping her mom in the kitchen preparing meals for their large family. Since she was old enough to work, she’s been in the food industry. Recently, following a 16 year career as a chef at Barton College, Lynne moved on and is working as a caterer at Johnston Memorial Hospital. To top off the years of experience in the kitchen, she fulfilled her dream by recently completing her “chef” degree!

The Jamaican team missed last year’s festival, but we’re lucky to have Lynn and friends Amy and Jim McCormick back! Lynne’s daughters Trisha and Leanne will also be helping, along with a few of the grandkids!

Once again, festival goers will be treated to that wonderful marinated, grilled Jerk Chicken that was so popular in the past. On the side will be Coconut Corn Bread, a recipe someone shared with Lynne years ago. She added the coconut to make it moist and it has become an all time favorite with her catering business. Mmmm…”Jamaican me hungry!”

Lynne Bigness

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