Honduras Booth

St. Ann Catholic Church is blessed to be a diverse parish with members from many different countries. We have wonderful food booths where our parishioners are proud to share their culture and heritage. Honduras is one of the most dedicated of the food teams, participating every year since the festival started. Leader Gloria Gutierrez and her sister Hena were both born in Honduras Gloria has been in this country for 15 years and her sister has lived in Selma for more than twenty five years. Their entire family joins in the fun of the festival, and, lucky for us, they love cooking from their collection of Honduran recipes.

This year they will offer delicious Nacatamales, Baleadas (flour tortilla with fried beans, sour cream and cheese) and Fried Chicken Tacos (with cabbage, tomatoe sauce and cheese). Last but not least, you will want to try the popular plantos maduro, or fried plantain…sounds SO good!

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